Massage Therapist With Oncology Training

Massage Therapists that have completed Basic Oncology Massage Practices Course and have given permission to be added to this web-page.  Contact information will stay on web-site for one year when proof of oncology massage training or work experience is documented and sent to instructor of this program.

J. Boland, LMT MA30744

Judy A. Francis, MA80491  727-244-9166

Judith A. Wyatt, MA31020  305-528-9028

Robin A. Whitburn, MA68405 727-482-2955 mobile

Johanna Calderon, MA80198

Remedy Spa at Pelican Bay  1118 Daytona Beach, FL  32119, Timothy Franks, LMT  MA49018

Kathleen Poskitt, LMT, MA69039,  L.E.

Katarina Stermensky, LMT MA68552, 

Connie McClure, LMT MA76767,

Thomas Lee, RN, LMT MA69195

Essentials Medispa and Salon, 1705 Berglund Ln, Melbourne, FL  32940

Kelly J. Stewart, LMT MA74485

Sarah Bryan, LMT

Theresa Konieczny, RN-BSN, LMT MA 48324

Jennifer Petrucci, LMT  MA41874

Holli deLeon 023577NY

Amy Roesch, LMT MA78104

Nicole Lamar MA50361

Sharlann Wagner, LMT MA74058 NCBTMB 621712-12

 Linda Hellman MA46699 Linda’s Massage & Wellness, LLC  386-237-4086

Chris Taylor, MT003870  Albany Therapeutic Massage Clinic  229-435-9008

Sarah Schmitz, MA58517  941-544-0546

Roxanne Martin, MA66234  Bella Toscana Med Spa  352-742-7727

Michelle Stutzman, MA0023149

Sandy Martinelli, MM50516

Kimberly R. Kobacker, LMT

Nicole Longwell, LMT

Maria Andres Cruz, LMT

Karen Leech, LMT “Great class-great content, terminology and massage made easier to understand.”

Charlie Marne, MA35930

Lorna Baxter MA73338

Dawn Szantyr MA62954

Raiselle Gittler MA49037

Mihai Anton MA26315  754-367-0420

Hsin Mei Cao MA22207   954-341-0679

Antoinette Marie Nelson MA0025120 954-261-6490

Lisa M. Crum, LMT  MA27138   “Absolutely learned new skills.  The class was enlightening, emotional and had just the right amount of information.

Mary E. Dempsey, LMT MA 73662  352-512-8822

Verona L Shipley, LMT MA 73668 352-266-3957

Sara Rudd, LMT MA32311 727-656-0759

Karen C. Evans< LMT MA73773 352-603-3632

Constance M. Larkin, LMT MA0025101

Frank Ansel,LMT MA 47419 813-223-4325

Anselmo Reyes, LMT MA69614 727-597-8479

Jody Phillips, LMT MA50861, CNA

Bethany Springer, LMT MA56098 941-545-4180  “For you, giving seems to come as naturally as breathing…Thank you so much for sharing your time, talents, and hospitiality with us.  You transformed what would have been just a learning experience into a great life experience.”

Dawn Williams, LMT MA41785  727-345-8465  


Russell Fox MA46210 813-223-4325

John Testa MA46226  813-223-4325

John Tanner MA8834 

Lucy White, LMT MA43622, Parrish, FL

Jessica Vasilakos Taylor, LMT  MA 28295 Tampa, FL

Holiday A. Hunter, LMT  MA23848  Cape Coral, FL

Debra Rice, LMT MA17953  Naples, FL “Genuine care of the subject-clear, concise and understandable.”

Karen Arkebauer, LMT  MA40597 Edison Chiropractor

Miranda Paiva, LMT  MA47423  Bonita Springs, FL  “Everything was very appropriate. Toni was extremely knowledgeable and relatable.  I learned very much and feel confident.”

Bette C. Hegarty, LMT MA 20100  Delray Beach, FL

Joanna Cameron, LMT  MA16626  Naples, FL

Elisabeth Schwesinger, LMT MA15621  Naples, FL “content was !just right!”

Heather O’Brien, LMT MA55732 London  “The case studies were invaluable-offered practical insights on working with patients.  Learning not to be afraid to help those that need it.”

Dana Byler, LMT MA 34216 Cape Coral, FL  “This course was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute.”

Kelly A. Lee, LMT MA42790 Cape Coral, FL  “Great day with extensive knowledge.”

Tranquili-chi Anthony Lane Hinkle, LMT M03196  Baltimore, Maryland

Denise Cutair, LMT M4785

William Frein, LMT M04448,

Sara Dobbie, LMT  “content was appropritate, yes I learned new skills-I really absorbed that cancer patient need comfort like all of us, no different.  Just a little more knowledge of how to proceed with the massage.”

Bernadette E. Singleton, LMT  “I was able to learn new skills to help the number of survivors I have had the priviledge to work with.  The contents of this course was amazing and brought new meaning to the “power of touch” in my life which will allow me to further touch others.”

Theodore Polinsky, LMT M0291

Casey Erin McGill, R01364



Apollo Center for Massage Therapy, Patti Costello, LMT #MA30890, CMLDT

Visions Spa Salon

Amanda Escobie, LMT MA50034 Sea-renity Spa, Bradenton Beach,FL , “Content was just right for an experienced LMT, wonderful use of resources, appreciated that you’ve made yourself so accessible.”

Gisela Suarez, LMT MA44038   Body & Soul Retreat, Coral Springs, FL

Jonneke Fusco LMT MA63983 Body & Soul Retreat, Coral Springs, FL

Renee Kovalycsik LMT MA56981, NY025380 “I think this was a great basic learning class and I look forward to taking more classes.”

Mark Elliot, LMT MA66674  Sarasota, FL

Hitomi Casmer, LMT MA52453  Clermont, FL

Paula Blatcher, LMT MA67781 Sunrise, FL

Alyse Santisi, LMT Synergy Studios 904-387-9355

Isabelel Godby, LMT 904-387-9355

Laura Hepner, LMT 912-996-4012

Jennifer Sakaris,LMT FL MA16751 954-296-4618

Crystal Harrington, LMT MA55781 407-739-1692

Janice Dolk, LMT MA59933 410-935-9018

Peter A. Joachim, LMT MA48247 561-319-8076

Kelly Roth, LMT MA58560 561-889-8603

CJ Cale, Keiser University Massage Instructor MA49130 813-528-5969

Diana L. Smith MA61188 352-728- 6688

Monica Herning MA27796 352-552-0701

Lisa Dutkiewicz MA36477 352-274-7125

Massage Envy Spa West Palm Beach

Shoppes at Andros Isle

8983 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 210

West Palm Beach, FL 33414

Tel. 561-333-3323

Laura Shelanskey MA63099

Inge Baumert MA59124 561-386-6228

Valerie Fagan Swentkowski, NCTMB, CO License #4497,  Ph: (970) 668.1310  “This 3-day training has made me even more knowledgeable in Oncology Modified Massage. I am confident to be able to provide my oncology clients and survivors with a safe goal-orientated massage session entirely tailored to their specific needs, and humbled to be at the service of my community, and the medical profession.”

 Kordula Schmidt, MT-8322    Manor Vail Lodge, Vail, CO   “I want to thank you for coming to Vail and taking the time to teach us and share your wealth of information and experience.  In the last year I have made so many changes and am starting to enjoy my work again and realize why I started massage in the first place.”

Molly Gallagher, C.M.T, CO License #11106, 970-390-6310  ” I now know the do’s and do not’s of treating a client who is a survivor or in active treatment.  I felt the content was thorough and very appropriate, and was covered in a timely manner.  It was a great reminder to meet each patient and be present in the moment. I feel confident in my work if I encounter a cancer survivor or someone in active treatment.”

Nanci Beaulie, License CO #3009


Monika Norman, RMT025388 “I just wanted to thank you again, Toni for coming to Texas and training our
local Massage Therapists. Your class was great! So much information that needs
to be passed on. It is a pleasure to work with another educator who has such
passion and knowledge. ” M.N.

John Pierce, LMT #020831  SPATECH@TX.RR.COM

Mona Lofland, #MT020339

Martha Prasitka, MT029302

Tammy Lynn Chapman MT033578

Vicki Berg  MT 108216  214-952-9141

Margo Lutz MT 045018

Mary Dotson  MT 107344


Rachel Miller, LMT  MA53556  “The oncology class you taught gave me a greater understanding of the basic principles I have learned, unfortunately, through personal life experience. Being with loved ones through the cancer diagnosis greatly increased my desire to help others, and your class gave me the confidence to be a comfort to people who might have been deemed untouchable in past times. I visited one patient who had been hospitalized for 3 months for chemotherapy and she told me the hour I spent with her was the best hour she had had in 3 months. I became a LMT to help people, and I am grateful to have broadened my client base with your class.”
Thank you, Rachel Miller LMT”

Carlton Clayton MA7860 “Loved the course. I always prefer short CEU courses,but actually wish this one was longer. It was dead spaces. I would even consider retaking it.”C.C.

Maria Esperanza McDonough MA64214

Violetta Cretu MA63465

Sandra Tomlinson MA 19373 “With your teachings I have the confidence to touch, massage and comfort my oncology clients in the correct approach.” -S.T.

Nicolette White MA45837  “I really esp. like the chair massage routine and the case studies. This CEU class was one of the best I have done, bar none.”

Nikya K. Moore Ma54755

Catherine Kirnon MA29253

Katia Yachmann MA44408

Donna Brooker MA63537 “great overall information of cancer and medical procedures (which we don’t get that much in massage education.)”

Terry Lowder MA28451

Janice Owens MA60660 “I learned a new array of information to offer and utilize oncology massage.  Hands on practice w/a variety of examples was most helpful.  Questions were answered for clarification when needed, the information/content was most appropriate.”

Elaine Roy MA34857

Janis Salbury MA43765

Crystal Turner MA43096 “I think the information was great and appropriate.  I feel I am better educated when it comes to interacting with someone who has cancer.”

Dawn Volpe MA46406

Marina Mahle MA37099

Blue Waters Holistic Center, 18503 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Carlos Urteaga MA63416