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Toni Muirhead at Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference


“I was so moved by Toni’s commitment to providing safe and compassionate care to cancer patients.  She does this not only through her own personal massage practice but by instilling those same standards through her classes.  I was honestly inspired by her level of excellence and expertise!  She makes me want to be not only a great oncology massage therapist but an even better oncology nurse.  Her 12 hour 2-day course seemed just the right length to get the information we really needed and practice the techniques.  I love that she is so available and open to continue as a mentor as I grow in my oncology massage practice.  I highly recommend her class because I know she is so patient-safety centered.”  T.K., RN-BSN

Toni has been providing caring massage to our patients and their caretaker’s for 10 years. Our patients and their families feel strengthened, loved and cared for when they are receiving massages during their chemotherapy at our center and Toni plays a very important role in their care.  She has been instrumental in providing stretches and movement therapy that reduce the toxicity of peripheral neuropathy in those patients that receive Taxane therapy.  She is also aware of the importance of safe massage with nodal dissections in our patient population and has been able to educate them on prevention of lymph edema during massage therapy as well as their other activities.  We are privileged to have such a caring professional as part of our team, here at Memorial Cancer Institute!” Mayra Lima, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C , Memorial West Breast Cancer Center

“It has been a great pleasure to listen to Toni Muirhead talk about oncology massage. She is so knowledgeable and aware of patients’ needs. She is compassionate without being too sugary sweet (a quality I despise and always feel like that talks down to those of us with cancer). When Toni talks about massage, she does so with authenticity and real understanding. And she is always willing to volunteer and help our nonprofit at health fairs and events.” Ann Fonfa, Founder of Annie Appleseed Project

“Toni has ten years of experience working with cancer patients in cancer centers and is always seeking better ways of making adjustments and providing her oncology massage therapy treatments. There is a passion within her that makes this all worthwhile, and she touches lives daily with her commitment to provide healing touch”.- Morag Currin, LM, CMLT, President of Touch for Cancer Online, Educator and Author of the best seller, “Oncology Esthetics, A Practitioner’s Guide”

Toni Muirhead is an angel with an ability to soothe and calm patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  As a recipient of her touch, I speak for countless women who have been comforted and relaxed during the stress of chemotherapy.  Toni is also a consultant to my company, Warrior Wear, Inc., and has given advice and imparted her vast knowledge about lymphedema with my business partners and our clients. She has a gift which she has harnessed into a successful career.  To be touched by Toni is to be touched with love.” –Carolyn Newman, President of Warrior Wear, Inc., makers of Arm Candy: Fashionable Covers For Compression Sleeves. Be sure to visit this great site!

“Toni came to Spa Esoteric to train staff and other local massage therapists in Oncology Massage. Toni is great to work with, very personable and passionate about her work. I highly recommend Toni be invited to any spa or medical facility to expand your work and knowledge in proper, safe, up to date Oncology Massage. This area of work is so needed and we were fortunate to be able to have one of the best in the field train our therapists. We anticipate many more classes to come.

Monika Norman,  Spa Esoteric  www.spaesoteric.com

“Learned theroy and application that I can incorporate into my own “style.” Small classes, individual attention, great instructor.  Overall a great experience.  After 17 years as an LMT, this was my most informative and useful CEU class.”  J. Boland


Patient’s Testimonials:


“Your massage is such an important element in healing – not only for cancer patients, but for release of the daily things that we hold inside our body, minds and spirit which can shift and/or deplete our energy. I am so happy that Florida Cancer Specialists has provided this opportunity for you to treat patients at their facilities. It’s a wonderful therapy.

Wow! Yesterday, I was feeling so tired and low, low, low energy. Not at all my usual self. I was close to rescheduling my afternoon. Then, you provided the massage that changed my day!

Your massage therapy was just what I needed. It was so relaxing, so releasing, and the energy shift was tangible. I left feeling completely relaxed, yet completely rejuvenated. My energy level was high and I felt totally like myself again. This lasted through out the remainder of the day and I still feel energized and ready for the day this morning! Thank you so very much!”

“I have breast cancer stage IV. Just finished 33 radiation therapy. When I asked my doctor for a complementary medicine he didn’t seem to know. I told him how about massage. He replied it would not hurt. I decide to follow my instinct. I called Toni the Massage Therapist . She has been dealing with cancer patient for ten years. She is affiliated with Memorial Hospital on all “campuses”. I have been received two one hour sessions with Toni. She is terrific. She is gentle and soft spoken. Her touch really relaxes your whole body and at the same time mind. I suggest to all persons who have been thru radiation and want some relief from pain to call on her. She makes suggestions how to deal with your own cancer while on the massage table.  I will call on Toni again. She makes me good and so relaxed.- Monique O.

When I realize it is Thursday, I know it is Toni’s Day at radiation treatment.  As patient we have so little to look forward to.”– Patient comment that really made me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.”

Just a note to thank you so much for your magic touch and the great relief it has given me during my radiation and chemo treatment for head and neck cancer.  I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for the enormous impact your healing touch has made in my ability to cope with the pain and side effects of my treatments.  You truly have been blessed with “Gift From God” in your touch.  And…your pottery is pretty hot too.” Chuck M.

She is much older than her 9 years, the girl who always accompanies her mom to chemo and radiation treatments.  She acts as her translator, interpreting news and information that a young child should not be exposed to.  One day, I was walking with the girl when we passed a patient who was very disfigured from a large tumor on the neck.  Putting my arm around her, I quietly said, “You are too young to be exposed to so much illness.”  She looked at me and said, “It’s OK, this is my normal.” Whenever I see her, I bring the girl into my massage room for a few minutes of pampered attention.  I became her caregiver.  She is such a delight to talk to.  “You have hands of clouds” she told me, the first time I massaged her back.”  Toni Muirhead, LMT

A great help. At night when emotions are high or pain or stress I lay in bed and visualize the massage Toni gave me the day or week before and it helps a great deal.  We need more massage people to help all cancer patients to release the stress of our illness.”  Sharon R.

Part of a letter written to hospital administration that highlights her massage experience-I’d like to thank you for Toni (massage therapist) as well!  When so much is happening to your body it is such a relief for something for your body.  I was dreading the intra cavity procedure and she worked miracles by massaging my feet.  She took the focus off one part of my body and redirected it to another, thereby making it more of a relaxing experience.  I now know that I still have endorphins!  It’s your attention like this that shows how much you care for your patients.” E.C.

Toni is a great joy to be around.  Her easy-going attitude and enthusiasm for specialized oncology massage therapy is heart warming.  As an oncology patient myself, I am glad to know Toni.  Toni continues to touch the lives of many patients and caretakers at my Breast Cancer Center.  She is always thinking of others by seeking ways to educate them with the knowledge of her profession.  She has gone out of her way, above and beyond to promote the importance of specialized oncology massage therapy.  She has traveled far and wide to receive further specialized training and has conducted several seminars to educate patients and healthcare workers.  I now know that it is imperative for chemotherapy patients to receive a special type of massage, so our sensitive muscles and connective tissues are not damaged.  There is a need for massage therapists and chemotherapy patients to be educated of the benefits of specialized oncology massage therapy and I believe in Toni’s ability to achieve this goal.  Everyone is always excited to see Toni’s happy smile and receive one of her special, gentle, relaxing, and perfect massages!!! Toni, Thank you for all that you have done for me and others to keep us positive.” M.B.



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