fall trees beside the lake

Walking Meditation

Discovered what I call the ABC Philosophy Plaque on our cabin wall.  Walking on our hikes I tried to create my own philosophy using the alphabet.  Enjoy this one and create your own.

Abandon Doubt, Be Adventurous, Call, Dance, Eat Cake, Forgive Easily, Give Joy, Hope, Initiate Romance, Just Say Yes,  Kiss Discriminately, Love Passionately, Make Out More, Not in Public, Open Your Heart, Play, Quench Desire, Reciprocate, Save Yourself, Touch, Upset Convention, Vary Technique, Wear Very Fine Lingerie, X-rate Often, Yearn, Zip

The show that highlights the young son’s repeating the last word in his sentence at first makes me laugh.  This week as I said the last word of the sentence, as I hiked or kayaked, I realized that it placed emphasis on my thought and made me think about it a bit more…..Peaceful…PEACEFUL, Quiet….QUIET.  A way to pause and be in the moment of what I was seeing and give time to be mindful of the moment.  Taking refuge and concentrating on the sounds, scenery, serenity. It is not always easy to get away to the mountains or the ocean, but find time to distress in your everyday life.  Give it a try, it was fun to do, especially when you want to be heard by the person you are with.

The week of hiking in the woods and kayaking the calm waters off the coast of S. Carolina was the perfect refuge for me to concentrate on the moment and not worry about being accepted as a State of Florida CEU Provider for massage therapy.  Thankfully I was accepted and the time I spent reinforced my desire to move on to the next phase of my career. 

As always being in nature inspires me to go home and play with clay and recreate the feel of the woods.

Hiking in Northern GA