Kayaking Turner Tunnels, Florida City, FL

Turner Tunnels

sunset at Florida City, Floridakayaking Turner Tunnelskayaking Turner Tunnels
Sometimes reconnecting with nature isn’t a gentle

paddle down the river.

Narrow creeks with tunnels

of mangrove swamps that

have spiders, snakes and very

protective mother gators.

My mantra became;

“Put your big girl pants on

and deal with the situation.

 Try to see the beauty

of the river.

Most importantly, don’t fall

in the river!”


Light streaming in through

the branches that were covered

with bromeliads momentarily allowed

me to focus on the beauty of the river.

Until I started to think about

spiders, snakes and alligators.

My mantra was working overtime

and being overshadowed with

“how much longer on the river!
I thank all of my patients for

their courage, you were

my inspirations as the

river became so narrow that

I put my paddle away to

grab the branches, pulled myself

through tiny channels back to

safety as I kept a

watchful eye for spiders and snakes

and mother gators protecting

their babies.

One very protective mother will

always remind me of how loud my husband

can yell, “honey take a picture of the babies

on her back!” 

Her response was to open her mouth

to its fullest extent, as if to say,

“Please leave now, you are upsetting

my babies on my back!”

Back on dry land, safe and ready for

another day, the sunset was

my reward!