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That Aahh Moment

We watched a turtle come out of the surf to climb the beach to lay her eggs.  Sun was just starting to go down and we were amazed to be witnessing this so early in the evening.  Not to interrupt her journey we stopped walking, sat down and waited for her next move.  There was nothing more important at that moment then to give her the space she needed to decide to continue up the beach or turn around.  More walkers stopped and waited, but eventually she realized wrong time, wrong place and make the slow u-turn around and headed back to the ocean to try again later in the evening.  Later that evening we got to see 2 more turtles on the beach, a record for us in May in Melbourne Beach.  As we continued our walk we came across the remmants of a beach wedding with beautiful shells artistically laid out in specific patterns, laced with rose petals.  The evening ended with a steel band on the boardwalk.   A truly memorable evening that reminded me about the healing powers of the ocean and all that come to share the same experience.

The next morning we were up before the sun rise to bring chairs down to the beach for that special photo that would include a chair that seemed to say, “sit a spell and enjoy the start of the day.”

Melbourne Beach, Florida sunrise