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Sacred Healing Walls

When I visit patients’ homes, I get the privilege of seeing what matters most to them.  A view into what is most precious in their lives.  Photos, mementos, books, artwork, these are the objects that draw my attention as I concentrate on the person that lies on my table.  What is important to them?  What is getting them through their day?  How do they celebrate their life?  How can I connect with them?

Today I focused on a mirror that was surrounded by carved folk art designs.  I had seen it many times, but today was the first time I really concentrated on the words, probably because I needed to find the right words to say before I left.  After reading the words, it became crystal clear to me to tell my client, “This is your sacred corner, read these words everyday.”  There was nothing more powerful that I could have said then what was already there on the wall.

Do the right thing almost every dog gone day of your life

Know love

Cherish Friends

Go Places

Stay on Target

Know Nature

Eat Good Food


Be a Star

Kiss and Hug

Be Creative

Love Animals

Look Up