Fall in Northern GA

Road Trip to Heal and Relax

Rumor has it that these times are stressful for us all; financial and health matters, jobs and families, the stuff of everyday life that no one is immuned from.  So we did what every Floridian loves to do after the a long hot summer with the never ending worry about hurricanes, we headed to the mountains.  Our trip took us to NE Georgia for the beginning of Fall.  A sign of peace, hope and prosperity was the dancing Kokopelli statues in a field as we made our way to Clayton, Georgia.

For some reason this trip brought back to me many memories of my mom.  She loved her trips to the mountains in the Fall and I kept hearing her voice in my head as I realized I was becoming her on this trip.  The cool crispness of the air, a slight breeze, the sight of the foothills in the distance with just a hint of the colors changing, James Taylor singing in the background at an outdoor restaurant that gave me time to breathe and think about her many trips to these mountains and how much I miss her.

Once again as I embarked on a trip that would include the healing powers of nature with my husband I knew that there must be a balance between the two of us. I wanted to take this time to breathe in the sights, and let every falling leave wash the tension of the past months away.  His idea is go, go, go, God forbid there is a moment of idle time.  My idea is to rest and recuperate and not get injured trying to keep up with him.  Tallulah Falls was a perfect compromise of a long walk, would not be considered a hike, or so I thought.  Let me tell you, 1100 steps up and down felt like an intense outing to me.

After walking to the bottom and back up again and around the park my main goal was to find the best place to sit a bit and relax.

Continuing on our path of compromise, a wonderful rainy day allowed me to view all of the pottery shops in a 30 mile radius, which renewed my interest in my own pottery waiting to be fired back home. The following day Glen enjoyed his whitewater rafting experience with class IV and V rapids down the Chatooga River in SC.  A perfect blend to end our trip.