Pet Therapy

Flint on Jacksonville Beach, FLPet Therapy as a complementary care program that offers patients many benefits.
Distraction therapy at its best.  As an owner of a pet therapy dog, I witnessed first hand how she centered children’s attention. Mystic enjoyed her job of having children focus on her, petting her, feeding her and  talking to her, Her job was simple, rewards were hugs and kisses and treats. The tasks that the children completed with Mystic were  great accomplishment to a child in speech, occupational or physical therapy.

Focusing on the softness of an animal’s fur as you pet your dog or cat and  the change in your voice as you reach out to talk to them calms the nervous system.  When you reach out to an animal, they are grateful for your attention, they offer us unconditional love that quiets our minds. 

Sometimes pet therapy even works for our pets as the picture below illustrates.  Mystic was also a great therapy dog to an abandon kitten in our home.

I would love to hear stories about pets and how they helped you.  Please send them to and I will include them on this page.


A Gift from a Cat

Your blood pressure lowers.
Your Breathing slows down a bit, is steady and full.
Your mind disengages from the worries and concerns of just a few minutes ago.
Your facial muscles relax.
Your eyes soften.
Your voice lowers to a soft tone.
You are speaking soothing word-sounds to the cat, a mantra to yourself as well as to her.
You feel softness of her fur, the movement of her supple skin over her neck and shoulder bones.
The vibrations of her purring soothe you.
You are quiet. You are only here. Only now.
Then she’s off to other places and adventures.
And you to continue on your way to other places and adventures, but changed by a gift from a cat.

David Kundtz, S. Th.D.,author of MOMENTS IN BETWEEN
reprinted with permission

 The Healing Power of Pets