Sunrise in Hollywood, FL

Mindfullness and the Sunrise

Realizing the clocks would change soon and sunrise would be an hour earlier, my husband and I made our trip to the beach to watch the sunrise.  Coffee on the go, breakfast at a beach cafe and a leisurely bike ride was my reward for leaving the comfort of my bed before dawn.  Dark cloud were hovering in the horizon and sometimes that can make for a glorious sunrise.  I watched the rain storm in the distance and hope that it wouldn’t come our way.

During the 20 minutes that we waited on the beach I tried to concentrate on the

smell of the beach

the breeze touching my face

the sound of the surf

the taste of my coffee

the sight of the sunrise that never ceases to amaze me

Now, if I can just bottle that peaceful moment and keep it in my head to create the mindfullness that is so important during difficult times.  Whether illness, family situation or  financial concerns,  I want to close my eyes, breathe well and take myself back to the beach in the morning watching the sunrise and preparing for a good day. Easier said than done, but practice makes perfect.  I wish that for you as well.

  Find your place of peace and comfort.