Utah Petrogylph

Making My Everlasting Mark

Trip to Utah motivated the creative juices, couldn’t wait to bring back ideas for clay artwork. If I could excite myself, I could bring back that excitement for my clay art workshops. It didn’t take me long to discover Petroglyphs and pictographs in Southern Utah. I was amazed at the artwork that was thousands of years old, that had stood the test of time, not destroyed by graffiti, but valued and preserved. Carvings and drawings of ancient life depicted the return of horses, hunting trips, and families migrating and especially the culture of ancients Indians. My imagination went wild thinking of the meanings behind the designs on the walls. Over a thousand years ago they left their mark as they migrated with the herds of animals, had families, suffered loss, re-created religious ceremonies, all the things that we do as families today.

Renewed, I want to leave my mark with my artwork, teach others to leave their everlasting mark. To share my love of pottery and witness the excitement in someone as they discover the magic of clay between their hands as they form a pinch pot and create a personal memento. My basic pottery classes are so much fun when I get to help others find their inner potter.

 I want put some time and effort into into pottery that will be passed down to my children and grandchildren. Hopefully that pot or relief will mean something; it will be cherished and preserved, displayed with love and pride. This artwork will initiate a conversation, “what was she thinking when they made this,” or “she sure loved nature, you can see it in her work.”  Yes, I know there are so many pieces, but finding the right one to cherish is my hope.

The next time I carve into the sides of a pot, I will close my eyes and see the cave dwellers, imagine their tools on the rocks and sense their pride. They had no idea how long they would make a difference in their story telling, I hope that I can make a difference and leave my mark long after I am gone.