Amelia Island

Crossing Bridges


Since we had recently kayaked at Wekiva State Park, and went against the current on the way back, and did fanstastically,  I thought I would try going against the current as we headed out on the tripwhen we kayaked in Amelia Island.  My husband says that the guide tried to warn me, but I had it in my head to go towards the bridge.  Within 20 minutes I realized my mistake.  When you choose to paddle against the tides it makes for a most difficult time. With perseverance we headed back to our starting point and as I felt the strong current  under the bridge, I realized I should have listened.  But, as I passed through the bridge and realized that I was accomplishing a difficult task, I was thrilled.  For once my aches and pains were gone and I was moving forward.  The rest of the ride was tranquil, until we misjudged low tide, had to wade a bit, and find a new path to the dock.  Life lessons on the water.

I spent time designing my new logo on the beach, drawing logos on various beaches in Northern Florida.  The heart symbolizes service from the heart, the starfish is for one patient at a time, and the squiggly waves represents the healing power of  being on the water.  A new logo to symbolize that I have crossed over from being an Oncology Massage Therapist to teaching Oncology Massage.  For all those years that I  felt like I was swimming upstream, I kept my eyes on the prize and moved forward, creating a massage program in 4 outpatient cancer centers  that will be around long after I am gone.  Life lessons.


Toni Muirhead's business card