Items made of clay

Centering Clay and Being Centered

Toni Muirhead at her potter's wheel
Toni Muirhead at her potter's wheel

When I entered massage school, centering one’s self was again an important topic.  Thankfully pottery school had given me the tools to center myself.  I was learning how to empty my head of everything and be present to the person lying on my table.  Focus, concentrate, pay attention, and don’t let your mind wander, been there, done that.  The situations are interchangeable, whether sitting at my potter’s wheel or giving my attention to a client.

Time spent mastering the properties of clay makes me a better Massage Therapist.  Learning to feel for impurities in clay helps me with my sense of touch when I massage.  Sculpting figures now comes easier as I close my eyes and visualize the feel of a a shoulder blade and mold it in clay.  Patients who know I am a potter have told me they feel like they are being “molded like clay.”

Time at my potter’s wheel takes away all of my aches and pains, fears and concerns.  Understanding how this relaxation technique works makes me realize how important hobbies are for everyone. Sitting at a potter’s wheel is my distraction therapy.   For others it could be fishing, knitting or doing crossword puzzles.  Find your bliss to help you in your times of stress.
There is nothing I love more than playing with clay. I have always enjoyed creating clay designs.  I was fortunate to spend time teaching children this wonderful craft. In pottery class I got involved with throwing clay on the wheel. It seemed so easy when I watched the demonstrations.  I spent one semester throwing 100 pots, no easy task, but well worth the frustration.  Perception versus reality and I enjoyed every minute of it.