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A Day at a Safe Spa

Working within an outpatient cancer center as an Oncology Massage Therapist, patients routinely ask me if it is safe to plan a “I’m finished with Chemo Spa Day!”  Basically I tell all patients, whether they are still in treatment or finished with their treatment, check with their local spa and ask, “Do you have anyone with special oncology massage training?”  If the answer is “no” find anther spa. 

Patients deserve to have a wonderful massage experience to reward themselves for all the precedures they have gone through, sometimes for as long as 1 1/2 years.  A massage that lets them know that they have survived and it is good to be alive. A spa day that is relaxing, offers beautiful scenery, gentle body treatments, healthy food and great company.  Great company because this day should be shared with the loved ones who helped you with carpooling, cooking, cleaning, sitting with you during treatment, being there in every way.

Find a spa that is committed to understanding that your body has a new normal and is dedicated to helping your body heal. A spa that goes that extra mile to offer their clientele Oncology Massage and is willing to offer their staff the training to see you through this journey.  Nurturing a patient creates a long time client. A spa that realizes that your body takes months to heal from surgery, chemotherapy and radiaton treatment.

When visiting a spa always remember to tell then of any surgical procedures, especially nodal dissection, so that they can modify massage pressure.  If you are done with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, always tell the Massage Therapist if you are still on any medication. 

Plan a spa day as your reward for surviving and thriving, and make it a yearly event. 

You deserve it!

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