unfnished heart rattles

Healing Arts


Research shows that massage helps with symptom management of cancer treatment, but many times a patient can’t afford the massage.  Blending both of my talents helps me help patients.   Gratefully when I sell my hearts a portion of the sale goes to fund a massage for a patient. The hearts are designed to be a rattle, they symbolically hold a patient’s journey when held in the palm of their hands.  For more information about purchasing a Mindful Heart contact; tonimuirhead@aol.com

In my search for self-care, I have enjoyed investigating various healing arts.  Healing arts or creative arts can include anything that distracts you from the stress of illness, family, work, etc.; art, craft work, photography, journaling, and poetry or movement therapy, even enjoying a walk at the beach or park.  Taking time to garden gives many people enjoyment as they see new growth.   Being engaged in an art project or learning a new movement therapy such as tai chi, qigong, line dancing, allows you to empty your head of everything but what you are doing at the moment.  Nature Therapy can be moving meditation, time to enjoy time away from your normal routine that can be exhausting.  Distraction therapy when you need it the most.  Please take time to read the poetry, look at the photos and stories and share with me how you take care of yourself.


Healing waters

Washington State Beach
Washington State Beach

Step away for a moment
From life’s hectic pace.
Come down to the healing waters
It’s a very nice place.
Sit down by the water’s edge
And take a cleansing sigh,
Hear the waves that lap the shore
As seagulls sail by.
You watch the boats on the horizon
Their journey you don’t know
But when you think about it
You wish that you could go.
So enjoy the moment of gentle touch
Of sea breeze in your hair
Come down to the healing place
And forget your every care.

Carole Semper, RN

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited…

It cannot cripple love,

It cannot shatter hope,

It cannot corrode faith,

It cannot eat away peace

It cannot destroy confidence

It cannot kill friendship,

It cannot shut out memories,

It cannot silence courage,

It cannot invade the soul,

It cannot reduce eternal peace,

It cannot quench the spirit,

It cannot lesson the power of God.

-author unknown


art journaling at I Can Cope EventAn Art Journaling Project at an I Can Cope Meeting.  Notes taken from the speakers’ information now become artwork that gives a more pleasing visual aid to reflect on at home.  Psychologist that specializes in Oncology Patients talked about coping skills during and after treatment.  I talked about safe oncology massage, movement therapy and creative arts.  Great time had by all and very appreciative of the training that can be easily adapted at home.

American Cancer Society and Art Therapy  

Express Yourself Clean Slate Project

Seven survivors timidly entered the art room not knowing what to expect. Day after national and local, elections and emotions were mixed.  Not all were in positive word frame of mind mood, as I explained the project and showed them the list of words to make their individual story board on a clean ceramic heart. They were to sponge paint and as the paint dried, look at words and imagine what they wanted their permanent message board to say. Gradually as they sat back and relaxed and got down to business their projects took on their individual paths to life. By the end of the class they experienced the benefits of healing arts and were asking when the next class would be.