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Caregivers’ Caregiver

Massage Therapists working as support staff have a unique opportunity to help the caregiver who offers so much care to their loved ones.  Massage Therapists are aware of the amount of energy that a caregiver uses to make it through the day,  many times it is a drain to their own physical and emotional health.  Whether it is to offer them a massage, encourage them to find time for themselves, or offer a compassionate hug we can help caregivers as much as we can help patients living with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Recently went to a program for Caregivers put on by the Social Workers.  They reported on the pros and cons to being a caregiver.  The “pros”  are deeper communication with loved one, better communication, clearer priorities and stronger commitment to your loved one.  The “cons” are feeling of hopelessness, having to make difficult decisions, being able to provide continual encouragement and compassion.  That is why it is so important for caregivers to find balance; taking care of the family member and taking care of themselves.  Made me aware of the benefits of our oncology massage program and the importance of it being available to caregivers.  Sometimes with a simple chair massage a caregiver has the opportunity to “Lay low and let go.”  Caregivers are vital team members and they need to be taken care of so that they can take care of their loved ones.

Remembering the ABC’s of Caregivers will help you be mindful of this important, difficult and necessary journey.

A- Awareness

B- Balance

C- Connection

Meditation relieves caregiver stress  Yoga meditation program  study- results highlighted reduce depression symptoms and boost mental health. Improved health at the cellular level, which may benefit our immune system.

A Caregiver’s Guide from Celgene  Important self-care tips for caregivers.

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