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Toni Muirhead oncology massage program floridaaToni Muirhead, LMT,  NCBTMB, CE Provider, initiated the outpatient oncology massage program 17 years ago at a South Florida Hospital. The Oncology Massage Program grew to 6 outpatient cancer centers for patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She has been a guest speaker for patient advocate organizations; Florida Breast Cancer Coalition, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Annie Appleseed Conference, Gilda’s Club and the South Florida Oncology Social Workers.  She teaches her patients about complementary care techniques that will help them with the side effects of treatment. Over 17 years of oncology massage experience qualifies her to educate  Massage Therapists in the spa setting and private practice.  Creating a dialogue about mindful touch that allows Massage Therapists to help one patient at a time during cancer treatment is her mission.

She is currently the  Oncology Massage Consultant for Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.   A great opportunity to teach physicians, nurses and patients how massage can be a great complementary care to help with the side effects of cancer treatment.

When Toni is not at work as a Massage Therapists she continues to work as a potter.  Her work recreates nature in repeating patterns that she captures in functional and creative artwork and can be found at the gift store at Bok Tower.

As a volunteer for Meals on Wheels Adult Day Care she enjoys helping senior citizens achieve fulfilling moments through arts and crafts, memory games and other activities.  She also is a volunteer Massage Therapist for Tidewell Hospice  and offers tender touch for their in house patients. 

hands at work at LBBCLiving Beyond Breast Cancer/Young Survivor Coalition in New Orleans, LA was an amazing experience.    Big thanks to Andrea and Carrie at LBBC. They each drove over 8 hours to be at the conference to offer free massages, relaxation techniques, education about risk preventions for LE and other useful tips to increase QOL. Their confidence increased with each survivor they massaged. Thank you LBBC/YSC for inviting us to this wonderful conference.

Patient Quote

Testimonial from Oncology Massage Program patient

As someone who suffers from chronic pain and understands how movement is beneficial to the healing process, she continually encourages her patients to gently move throughout their treatment.  The power of music and movement restores the body.  As a potter, she encourages her patients to find their healing arts.  Sudden changes can sometimes bring great opportunities. 
Relocating to Parrish, FL she continues to commit to Massage Therapists that wish to work in the oncology field.  Teaching more therapists helps more patients.  She also wants to share stories that highlight how we help heal patients during and after their cancer journey.  Just as important though, is the ability to be healthier ourselves.  If we don’t nurture our health by having better eating habits, exercise more, learn stress relief, we can’t take care of those that need our “service from the heart.”  Our profession offers us great joy and satisfaction, but along with that , our work can be exhausting; patient care, feeling unsupported from the medical team, money worries, and let’s not forget taking care of our own family responsibilities.  Let’s all help each other by sharing what we do to stay physically and emotionally healthy.  We all live in a stressful world, but we can all choose to change our response to life’s stress.  When we do that we create a better work life, happier family life and more centered care of ourselves.

Patient Treatment For Cancer Using the Oncology Massage Program

This website was designed for the patient in treatment for cancer as well as Massage Therapists wanting to learn about oncology massage.  Enjoy this opportunity to learn about the latest evidence-based practices for safe and effective oncology massage for cancer patients, a massage that changes the mood.  Learn about safe skin care, helpful relaxation techniques and beneficial movements therapies that help increase a patient’s quality of life during and after treatment for cancer.

Seek out an Oncology Massage Therapist that can design a massage program to fit a cancer treatment regime.  Even with nodal dissection or the diagnosis of lymphedema, a trained Oncology Massage Therapist can plan a massage that offers comfort, compassionate touch and an opportunity for “remembered wellness.”

Even after cancer treatment is finished, modifications must be considered when receiving a normal massage or other spa treatment.  Precautions must be taken at spas that offer so many services that might cause harm.  Seek out spas that understand your unique concerns and trains their staff to offer you the best possible care.  Understanding the benefits of massage and other complementary care, along with a patient’s medical care, helps the quality of survivorship for patients.   Sit back and relax and enjoy the information this site has to offer.  Share this website with your friends and family members, so they can benefit with a caring touch during treatment for cancer.  There is no greater time for the need to be touched, then when one hears the diagnosis of cancer.

To make an Oncology Massage appointment or find out about training please contact Toni- 


“This website is a wonderfully comprehensive source of information, for both patients and physicians interested in the appropriate use of massage therapy for patients with cancer.  It is educational and supportive, and strikes an appropriate tone, giving readers reliable, balanced information.  I haven’t found a more informative, easy to use site!” Lisa W. Corbin, MD
Medical Director,  The Center for Integrative Medicine University of Colorado  Hospital
Associate Professor, Departments of PM&R and  Medicine University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences  Center


“Retrospectively, I previously underutilized Toni’s services.  She offers her treatments and advice with attention to the underlying oncologic or other medical problems.  In most cases, she has been able to help our patients with pain syndromes, minimizing prescription drug use, and lowering overall healthcare costs to individuals already burdened with medical bills.  Our patients and providers alike are delighted to have her as an on-site resource.”Aruna Mani, MD
Breast Cancer Center
Memorial Cancer Institute
Memorial Hospital West
603 N Flamingo Road, Suite 157
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Florida Breast Cancer Coalition “Advocacy Day,” Day of Caring”
Photo of Jim Konschnik and Toni

Student Testimonials from Introduction to Oncology Massage Class-

Appropriate and extremely informative.  Thank you for the resources to explore.  All aspects useful; bringing in other therapies art/meditation, movement/music, very helpful.  Role playing various cancer patients.”-J. Dolk, LMT and AestheticianC.
Thank you for stressing the emotional toll it takes on a patient.” –C. Harrington, LMT (Cancer Survivor)
“I really feel that this is an important area of our field that we need to make more therapists aware of.  I felt that the class was very fun and informational.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and would like to attend a more  in depth class if there is one available.” CJ Kale, Massage Therapy Program Director, Keiser University, Lakeland Campus.
Content very appropriate, information is valuable for work in future w/cancer patients.”- A.Semeraro, LMT

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